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In order for Trueshore to harvest milfoil in the water surrounding your dock and in front of your waterfront we are required to submit a Provincial Dock Permit to the Province of BC.

With the support of an Environmental Consultant Specialist company we have created a process that works for you, us and the province.


  • ALL people on the property TITLE must sign a Letter of Agency (LOA) or Co-Applicant form providing Trueshore authorization to submit a Provincial Dock Permit on their behalf. 

  • Trueshore will complete and submit the permit application on behalf of the owner for no additional cost.

  • The processing time for submitted applications is approximately 45 days, possibly less.

  • Once the province approves the permit application Trueshore can book a date and time to harvest milfoil at your property.

  • Approved permits are valid the remainder of the year the application was submitted.

The earlier a permit is applied for and approved the more options a homeowner has, such as multiple cuts within a season.

2024 Letter of Agency (LOA) Form is AVAILABLE now, contact us for your copy...

  • COMPLETE for all members on Title and SEND BACK to Trueshore via:

  • EMAIL:

  • CALL US: 604-790-1517

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